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The "Platform III Republic" does not nominate a candidate and calls for voting against candidates from power in the presidential elections

Baku/26.12.23/Turan: “Platform III Republic” will not nominate a candidate for the early presidential elections on February 7 and will not support any candidate in them, the statement of the structure, in which it expresses its position in connection with the elections. The document notes that the newly established Platform is currently at the stage of formation, presenting itself to society and becoming. Currently, it does not have the necessary human resources and financial resources to conduct an election campaign. In this regard, the Platform considers "formal participation in elections" meaningless.

At the same time, the Platform notes that it does not see in the already nominated presidential candidates persons who could represent its values and be able to encourage political change. "Therefore, we do not support them," the statement said. The authors of the statement also point to the lack of public confidence in the elections. "The reason for this is the long-term work of the authorities to undermine people's faith in political processes. This was done through consistent election fraud and the formation of distrust in the profession of politics. For this reason, there is currently a climate of political apathy in the country," the statement continued.

The members of the Platform doubt that within two months it is possible to overcome this apathy and encourage people to participate in the elections. Restrictions in legislation related to elections, freedom of assembly, media, and political parties reduce the ability to participate in elections. The Electoral Code retains the old artisanal methods of collecting signatures of voters in favor of candidates (meaning the lack of opportunities to collect signatures in electronic form).

At the same time, the existing problems with nominating candidates and conducting election propaganda "do not exclude all steps related to the elections." "Participation in voting is important for maintaining election skills. Whatever it was, but the traditions of elections should not be lost and preserved for the future, when favorable conditions for this will be created," the document further says.

The members of the Platform urge citizens to go to the polls, and not to vote for any candidate from the government. The Platform itself will not remain "passive" during the election period and will offer both during the election campaign and after it an alternative agenda related to the goals of this structure. A group of socio-political activists announced the creation of a "Platform" on December 7.  The purpose of the structure is to establish a genuine republican system in Azerbaijan.  The working staff of the Platform included political and public activists: Akif Gurbanov, Araz Aliyev, Elman Fattah, Rovshan Aghayev, Ruslan Izzetli, Samad Rahimli, and Yadigyar Sadigly. Akif Gurbanov was elected head of the working staff for a period of 1 year.--06C-

Source: Turan agency

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